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Al Gore can kiss my ass.

The longer I live, the more I see humans as creatures of the ego. All this Global Warming hype simply proves it.

So the Earth's getting warmer. So the Ozone layer's probably diminishing. In our immediate future, yes that's pretty bad.  However, as someone who can look at things in the long term, I have only four things to say to the worrywarts.

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Okay. Shut up. You're just blinding yourselves to the big picture. We're just one species one just one planet in the vast expanse of the Universe. Given the probability that we may not have ANY impact on the fate of the cosmos, isn't a bit conceited to treat this like we're the most important species out there. The issue was never about the planet. It's about humanity and its ego.

If the planet does become too hot for us, it will still remain. Earth will be here until the sun expands. I believe our little rock ball has been through a lot worse than gradual warming. The dinosaurs know first hand.

So no, I don't worry about global warming. Cold as it sounds, if we end up killing ourselves, it'll be nothing more than self-inflicted punishment. We may die-scratch that. We WILL die eventually.- but the Earth is far more durable.

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