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Saw the Dark Knight

And I loved it. Points:

-Christian Bale's good as Bruce Wanye, but he can do better as Batman. The rough voice was just pushing it. He also needs to seem a LOT more detached as Batman. Batman cares, but should really only show it as an absolute last resort, at least in this series.

-Heather Ledger absolutely deserves an Oscar for this Joker. When you see him, you can tell he is the very incarnation of anarchy. He has no plans, no rules, no regard for even his own life. EVERYTHING is an afterthought with him, and it makes him truly frightening, because he will do ANYTHING, just because he can.

-I LOVED the way Two-Face was portrayed.  In no other Batman media has Harvey Dent's face truly reflected the hatred and hopelessness he has endured on the road to where he eventually got to. It was the ultimate breakdown, and Aaron Eckheart did it beautifully.

-Sadly, not enough Morgan Freeman.

Why so serious? XP
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